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Check out some of the very best in product experience design, according to these designers. Hear more from them at Roadmap on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco.

RoadMap 2013

The design of a product isn’t really about aesthetics, it’s about the experience created from the product (as Om put it in this post this week). That’s one of the underlying themes of our annual Roadmap conference, to be held on Nov. 5th and 6th (yes, two weeks away!).

And it’s also the reason why we asked five of our favorite design-focused folks to weigh in on the five product designs that represent the very best in experience design. Here are their top picks, and they’ll be discussing these more at Roadmap in a final session to sum up the 2-days.

Shoshana Berger, Editorial Director, IDEO


Josh Brewer, former Principal Designer, Twitter


Ryan Freitas, Cofounder, About.me


Julie Horvath, Designer, GitHub


Braden Kowitz, Design Partner, Google Ventures


RoadMap 2013

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  1. Ironic that a page dedicated to well designed experiences has a bunch of annoying auto-advancing slides, no?

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