Amazon and MGM announced a deal Tuesday to make more MGM movies, as well as the History Channel hit Vikings, available for streaming on Prime Instant Video. Previously, Vikings had been available exclusively through Amazon’s European streaming service Lovefilm. It’s not available for streaming on Netflix. Movies included in the deal: FargoPlatoon and Hoosiers (can also all be streamed on Netflix); Annie Hall and Hotel Rwanda (not available for streaming on Netflix).

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  1. Thank the gods! I was starting to run low on good things to watch. Ehh, Netflix needs to focus a good bit more on their streaming, IMO. They are stubborn though.

  2. edmundsingleton Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    As a DirecTV subscriber there are a lot of channels that I do not watch because of their annoying on-screen logos, now I may be able to partake a new viewing experience and love it…

  3. I really hope content creators does not fragment the distribution, it will hurt the industry the way it did to the music business.

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