Here’s a rundown of our coverage from this morning’s Apple iPad event.


After going nearly the entire year without showing off any new products, Apple has released a ton of new stuff in the last month: First it revealed the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in September, and Tuesday it showed off two new iPads, including the iPad Air, which is about half a pound lighter than the original.

Om Malik and Kevin Tofel covered the event live in San Francisco over here, but here’s a roundup of the rest of our coverage from today’s event.

  1. seriously, tech world, time to create a new staging for your events! this one is just so over done now.

  2. Worth checking out Apple’s live predictions of iOS7 Mavericks, Mac Book Pro and many more on http://bit.ly/Apple-iOs7 & http://bit.ly/iOS7-Mavericks


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