AT&T is probably/maybe going to introduce higher speed broadband tiers, according to leaked information via a website glitch reported by DSL Reports. The website glitch (since fixed) indicated that AT&T will introduce 4 U-Verse tiers: 75 Mbps ($91), 100 Mbps ($111), 150 Mbps ($155) and 300 Mbps ($199 a month). Of course, the timing and availability is anyone’s guess. Elsewhere, CenturyLink (incorporating former phone company, Qwest) is planning to introduce a gigabit service in Las Vegas for $145 a month, though when bundled with television it is much cheaper – $80 a month. I pay $40 a month for my 200 Mbps connection, thanks to my local independent ISP.

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Story posted at: dslreports.com

  1. Nikohl Vandel Monday, October 21, 2013


  2. I pay $145 a month for 20Mbps with 250GB cap. Welcome to Alaska.

  3. I pay 26€ for 100Mbps in Estonia. I assume similar prices in Europe elsewhere too?

    1. That’s nice price. Estonia has always been ahead of everyone in Europe it seems.

  4. Cristian Daniel LUNGU Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    In Romania broadband is very cheap:
    New offer 16,5 $ =1 Gbps, and 14 $ = 500 Mbps at number one on the market RCS&RDS.

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