Google cars, new attitudes towards mass transit, crazy future we live in, David Byrne, Zulily IPO, Malcom Gladwell, TED Talks and why bags made from crocodile skins so expensive — these are some of the stories on menu this weekend.

Weekend Plans

What a crazy week — we hosted Mobilize 2013, our conference that pondered about the future when everything is connected — and I went a little crazy in buying fountain pen inks, about six of them. Otherwise, I spent most of my waking time trying to find stories that were worth reading.

And now a personal message: I am hosting GigaOM RoadMap, a one of its kind experience design conference with Katie Fehrenbacher on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco. I would love for you to join the two of us and we’ll have experts like Jack Dorsey (of Square and Twitter) and Kevin Systrom along with many more speakers tell us the role of design in our increasingly digital society. For details, visit the conference website

  1. Patrick Mathieson Wednesday, October 23, 2013

    These are so great. Keep it up Om.

    1. Patrick

      I will make sure you are not let down by me. :-)


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