Pew e-readers

Pew released updated data Friday finding that 24 percent of American adults owns an e-reader, up from 19 percent in a November 2012 survey. For this report, Pew did phone surveys with 6,224 Americans ages 16 and older. Women are still more likely to own e-readers than men. In the same group, 35 percent of those surveyed owned a tablet, up from 25 percent in November 2012.

  1. Trimming off the x-axis makes the chart rather pointless, no?

    1. Absolutely … what the heckdoes that graph mean?

  2. When you consider the Kindle App is on many tablets, the line is pretty blurred now as to what is an eReader and a Tablet. Plus with Kindle Fire and Fire HD, eReaders are pretty much small tablets now.

    I think the whole definition of tablet and eReader is too blurred now to say whom owns what.


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