Here you’ll find links to all of our coverage of Mobilize 2013, taking place Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco, as well as a link to a live stream of the event, which will examine the second phase of the mobile revolution.

photo: Rani Molla

When we hosted the first Mobilize in 2008, the mobile revolution was just beginning. Apple had just let developers into the iPhone, apps were about to explode, and there was an understanding among the folks that get paid to find the next big thing in technology that mobile was the new black. However, in 2013, the essential lessons of that revolution — lightweight apps, touch-based user experiences, and reliable wireless connections — are established facts, as opposed to budding concepts.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week at Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco, we plan to showcase what we believe to be the second phase of the mobile revolution. The march of connected devices is moving past the smartphone and tablet into things like wearable computers (“intimate computing,” as Om put it yesterday in assessing Apple’s hire of Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts), connected home appliances (the “internet of things”) and the impact of design in deciding winners and losers. We’ll start off with the thoughts of Consumer Electronics Association President and CEO Gary Shapiro, who has seen a tech revolution or three, then hear what ARM CEO Simon Segars — in one of his first public appearances since taking control of the mobile world’s chip designer of choice — thinks about the evolution of this market. We’ll examine how the connected home needs to evolve to meet the needs of average users, and hear from promising startups in our Product Showcase.

You’ll find all of our live coverage from Mobilize 2013 in this post. You can find a livestream of the event here, and you can follow along with the discussion on Twitter with the #mobilizeconf hashtag. Please join us for what promise to be two extremely interesting days on the future of the mobile revolution.

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