Vimeo now offers its paying pro members up to one TB of storage per year, after previously limiting them to 50 GB per year. More space for experimental short films, European documentaries and indie rock music videos?


Vimeo gave paying subscribers of its Vimeo Pro service tier a big storage boost Tuesday: Video producers who pay Vimeo $199 per year now get 20 GB of storage per week, which adds up to a maximum of one terabyte of storage per year. Previously, Pro storage was limited to 50 GB per year.

The company also did away with some playback restrictions and introduced a new customer service response commitment, promising that email requests from Pro members are going to be answered within one hour. Finally, Vimeo Pro members have full access to Vimeo’s VOD store, allowing them to sell their videos as rentals or paid downloads through the site and keep 90 percent of the profits.

Vimeo has long been the favorite video hosting service for the hipster crowd. With SLR cameras enabling more and more people to shoot cinematic HD videos on a budget, demand for storage and bandwidth is growing, and Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor told me during an interview this week that the company has been able to offer more storage by optimizing the way it stores and transcodes videos. “We always want to be offering people the most we can,” he said.

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  1. “Vimeo has long been the favorite video hosting service for the hipster crowd.”

    Really? C’mon. It’s been a favourite of anyone who’s serious about film.

    1. Definitely agree with Aaron. Not really sure where people get these notions.

  2. I still have not gotten a direct answer to the question:
    You can Upload 20 GB/ week. Can you really STORE 1 TB ?

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