Looking to add a little spatial manipulation to your iPhone photos? Check out Seene, a relatively new free app for iOS that does just that. You won’t get a full 3D image, but the app does offer more than just a traditional 2D view.


Looking to add a little 3D-like depth to your photos? Check out Seene, a free app for iOS that The Verge spotted on Monday. The software analyzes an object and has you slowly pan a little to capture it on camera from left, right, up and down. Once that’s done, the software creates a composite picture that you can mildly rotate to see different angles.

Here’s a sample shot of my son playing Xbox today that I took with an iPhone 5s. Overall it came out fairly good, though I can see background bits not properly captured at certain angles. I’ll admit the lighting conditions weren’t ideal and could have had a negative influence as well.

Seene doesn’t capture a full 360-degree view, or come even close, for that matter. Instead, it just offers a bit of spatial manipulation that can give more life to an image.

According to the team at Seene the app is supported on iPhone 4s and higher and the output can be viewed in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, since they support WebGL for 3D. Images from the app can be embedded on a web page or shared through Facebook and Twitter, or through your Seene feed, which reminds me of Instagram.

If you view the Seene pics on an iPhone you don’t even need to touch them to manipulate them. Instead, just tilting the phone uses the gyroscope sense to rotate images in Seene.

  1. I tried this out on my iPad mini. Kind of cool!

  2. Neat technology, but the image capture is still a little rough around the edges. Still, its a great start and we are going to try to take advantage of this neat tool. Search for Oak Alley on their site….

  3. Michael Patterson Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Doesn’t seem to be compatible with the iPhone5s processor?!

    1. That’s odd. I used it on my iPhone 5s for the image in this post.

  4. Why does the app require access to all my facebook contacts to upload a 3D foto? And why isn’t this stated anywhere in the app description? After seeing that, I deleted it. What a waste of time!

  5. Not found in the Canadian App store. Disappointing.


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