Saving Nokia, the page view apocalypse, Jonathan Franzen is old and cranky, corn is king, Senegal and the American South, the story of The Climate Company, and the modern genome gold rush — these are some of the stories for your weekend reading pleasure.

Weekend Plans

It was an unusually busy week, mostly because of the preparations for our Mobilize conference next week. In addition, there were many events to be attended. Not surprisingly, all that activity ate into my reading time. But still, I did get enough time to put together this list, though I wish I had even more topic variety.

And now a personal message: I am hosting GigaOM RoadMap, an experience design conference with Katie Fehrenbacher on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco. I would love for you to join the two of us and we’ll have experts like Jack Dorsey (of Square and Twitter) and Kevin Systrom along with many more speakers tell us the role of design in our increasingly digital society. For details, visit the conference website

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