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After introducing it to the states in August, Apple is reportedly ready to begin accepting iPhone trade-ins in European Apple stores.

iPhone 3GS

Apple launched its long-awaited in-store iPhone trade-in program back in August, but only in the US. That might be changing, according to a report from 9to5Mac, which claims that Apple is ready to begin offering the program in Apple stores throughout Europe.

According to the report, Apple has already started to prepare training materials for staff in its UK stores. 9to5Mac notes that the UK is home to the second largest amount of Apple retail stores (behind the US), so starting a rollout of the European program there makes sense.

And just like in the US, Brightstar is expected to expected to handle the program. The process will work the same as it does in the US as well. Simply bring your old iPhone to the Apple store, and you will be given an Apple store gift card applicable to the purchase of a new iPhone. The value is determined by factors including screen quality, hardware condition and water damage.

I found that Apple’s trade-in prices in the US are competitive, but don’t always match up to some other trade-in options, which will also offer cash. Still, I think the main selling point here is convenience: You can walk into an Apple store with your old iPhone and walk out with a new one for a little less cash.

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  1. Now I’m curious. Apple buys an older phone for more money that the Manufactured cost of a basic ‘5C’. Of course Apple will resell the phone at market price, which will be lower than the price of the 5C.

    It kinda makes sense – and kinda doesn’t.

    Other thoughts?

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