1. This pulls the loop tighter between offline (Axciom) and online profiles.

    Will this also work with Passpoint?

    1. Good question, Dotpeople.

      Passpoint and Facebook Wi-Fi strike me as two entirely different things. Passpoint is supposed to be a means by which you can roam onto secure networks, while Wi-Fi is just a check-in step before accessing an open network. I don’t really see the use cases overlapping, but I suppose they could.

  2. Very perfect piece of works.

  3. Khürt Williams Thursday, October 3, 2013

    This won’t be true:

    “Facebook Wi-Fi isn’t sharing the customer’s name with the network owner; instead it’s supplying the business demographic and social data drawn from the customer’s profile, Spain said. The data is anonymous, Spain stressed, but it could be used to send customers specific marketing promotions while they’re connected to the network.”

    if this is also true:

    “For instance, the MGM has a huge Wi-Fi network of hundreds if not thousands of access points. It could gather a lot of data from that network, such as where people are congregating in its casino, which shops are being frequented and at what times. It can tell if people in one area of the hotel tend to stay put or move around.”

    It’s a matter of correlating purchasing data ( name, credit card ) while in the business with location data. MGM may not know who is logged into their network but they will know everything else including that Customer X purchased something from the gift store.

    1. With basic facial recognition information they’ll be able to tell exactly where you are and who you are through 3rd party tie-ins back to your profile.

      The persistence of the data is the troubling part. When I leave a store physically, that’s the end of my relationship with them. However, with this tie in, they have access to me and my online profiles forever.

      1. This is even more likely than my scenario given the amount of video surveillance.

  4. So, non-facebook users are just screwed then?

    1. I assume most places will have an alternate credentialing system: Enter an email address, a room number etc…

  5. Bob Mcallister Monday, October 7, 2013

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