A third of people in the UK now use tablets, latest figures show

lots of tablets

Roughly a third of the British population now uses tablets at least once a month, according to the research firm eMarketer.

EMarketer does meta-analysis, in that it tracks and aggregates market research performed by other firms. It said on Wednesday that around 31.3 percent of the UK population were regular users of tablets. That doesn’t mean each one of those people own a tablet – they could be sharing one owned by a family member, for instance.

A year back, tablets only had 22.3 percent market penetration in the UK, and next year eMarketer reckons it will be 38.2 percent. Here’s the age group breakdown for that country:

eMarketer UK tablet age breakdown

It’s interesting to see these analyses from time to time, in order to track how tablets are gradually taking over. For many of these users, a tablet will obviate the need for a PC, which is why the PC market is shrinking so fast.

The research firm’s figures also give a handy insight into comparisons between different countries. The firm’s most recent figures for the U.S., for example, suggest 40.5 percent tablet penetration. This is notably higher than the UK’s, although eMarketer projects both countries will hit around the same level of penetration (just south of 50 percent) in 2016.

Compared with the rest of the top five EU markets (Germany, Spain, France and Italy), tablet penetration is highest in the UK – the average across the top five is 24.4 percent, though it is projected to hit 37 percent in 2016.

According to eMarketer, around 59 percent of British tablet users are using iPads, which compares with 54.4 percent in the U.S. The company reckons that Apple’s share of the tablet market will shrink over time in both territories, particularly thanks to the proliferation of cheaper alternatives.

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