Apple’s new iOS 7 adds a little 3-D experience that may have gone overboard in some peoples eyes: The parallax effect that makes home screen icons float when moving the phone around. Here’s how to disable the effect.


As people upgrade their old iPhones to iOS 7 — or get new handsets running Apple’s latest software — some are reportedly getting seasick on dry land. Look on Twitter and you’ll see a number of comments from people complaining about the parallax effect in iOS 7: The iOS 7 background seemingly moves around behind app icons based on how the phone is held.

Here’s a recent complaint of the issue from actress Mia Farrow:

Wired offers a solid technical explanation for how parallax works but if you’re getting queasy because of it, you can simply turn it off. The setting isn’t where you might expect it though.

To disable parallax in iOS 7, simply navigate to Settings, General, Accessibility and turn the “Reduce Motion” option on.

disable ios 7 parallax

One simple setting and you can use iOS 7 Dramamine-free!

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  1. It’s not the parallax effect making most people sick – it’s the zooming in and out when clicking app icons and folders, which cannot be turned off (yet).

    1. Right you are. I can confirm from my own experience.

  2. Some of these folks need an attachment to hold their buggy whip.

    1. These are mostly people with inner ear disabilities. Not something you would ever want!

      1. This is more for people who realize that there is always an audience for complaints on the internet,

  3. Did not work on iPhone 4S or ipad 4 for me.

  4. That didn’t help

  5. Some people are never happy.

    1. I wonder how anyone can be happy with iOS 7 design. First time where Apple went the way that design rules the use instead vice versa as it shall be…
      Apple – is it permanent change of strategy to worst?

  6. Let me get this straight, Apple cultists.

    Apple is too lazy to do the obvious product testing, and find out that parallax and zooming make some people physically sick. There’s no way to turn off zooming, and the parallax can only be turned off by the sick people going through several more screens of sick-inducing motion.

    And all this is the customer’s fault, not Apple’s, because it’s the customer’s responsibility to make sure they are worthy and their bodies are ready.

    Yet another reason not to waste money on crApple products….

    1. So it’s time to join the Church of Android?

    2. I really enjoy the Parallax effect. For people who don’t, turn it off. Try to find some legitimate criticisms and I might be with you.

  7. Steve Jobs’s RDF is alive and well (Reality Distortion Field). It has Mia and gobs of commenters around the net in its grip. They see only good when Jobs was with us and only bad since. Silly! Jobs repeatedly screwed up, issued apologies, revisions, etc.

    The new Apple team’s an excellent one… and to blame some vertigo on Steve’s passing is one more example of contemporary net irrationality!

    1. :-D I am (or was) what you may call Apple fan. iPhone 4, 4S, 5. iPad 1, 2, 3, MacBook Pro Retina. But – sorry to say – with iOS 7 Apple is leaving its good philosophy. Design in iOS 7 rules the usage and it is very wrong. Design must be always servant of usability, readability and pleasantness. iOS 7 is buggy, ugly, self centered – I updated and was not fast enough to downgrade. Luckily I updated only iPhone. Wow factors is gone, iOS 7 has few grate functions, but design (and again, it is not change of design but change of whole philosophy towards user experience) screwed it altogether.

      1. I liked the older version MUCH BETTER! Like you say, 7.0.2 is ugly and with no “character.” I’m a bit of a newby–how can you downgrade?


  8. I think Jobs would not have approved of ios 7 :(

  9. Don’t be so dramatic…seasick? I hardly noticed the effect till I just now read about it.
    But I do agree that Apple’s redesigns would make Steve Jobs turn in his grave…

    1. Yes if you are a person who gets motion sick it triggers the same effect. If your not one of those people that’s awesome for you, but I would prefer to look at my phone without being nauseated like I have done for years and years with the rest of my apple products.

      Why sit here and talk about about something that doesn’t effect you like you have some expert opinion on the matter.
      If you like it great, if you don’t move the hell on…

    2. It’s not being dramatic, if you have issues with motion sickness the effect triggers the same response.

      If you are one of the people that is lucky enough to not have a issue that’s great for you, but don’t talk crap about others who do, like you are an expert on the subject.

      If you find an article that does not pertain to you, you find the content stupid, and yet are compelled to comment…… Interesting.

  10. Ok, this may be “user error”, but I don’t see the “Reduce Motion” option under Accessibility.

    Just updated to 7.0.2 today. Perhaps the option was removed?

    1. I’ve done the same Jeff (updated to 7.0.2) I don’t see the “Reduce Motion” option. I would like to turn it off. Not a feature I find useful.

    2. In my iphone “Reduce motion” is the second group of options in the “accessibility” field. Under “increase contrast”.

      1. Not there for me. iPhone 4 user.

        1. It’s there. Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce motion (in the second block of options)

          1. Not there for me either and I am still on the iPhone 4.

            1. It wasnt in 7.0.2 but its now available in 7.0.3 for me, using iphone 4

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