It’s a great time to buy a tablet, so which are you buying?

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The news of Amazon’s new Kindle tablets reminds me how many great choices are currently available in a market that essentially didn’t exist until 2010. It’s just 3.5 years since the original iPad launch and here we are with dozens of tablet choices in every shape and size and for practically every budget.

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There are $129 options for a decent Android tablet from Hisense. Google and Amazon are fiercely competing in the small-size and reasonable cost market: You can get either a Nexus 7 or the new 7-inch Kindle Fire for the same $229 price. Jump up $100 a more and the iPad mini is an option. Step up to $399 and Google’s Nexus 10 or wait and see what the price of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition will cost. After that, you’re in full-sized iPad territory or a Surface 2 in terms of price.

I could go on and as there are numerous other players in the tablet game: Think HP, which just announced four new slates, LG, Sony and many others. Again, there’s no lack of choice in today’s tablet market. So it comes down to: Which platform or ecosystem interests you the most and which hardware maker has earned enough of your respect to earn your purchase?

We can’t list every option here, but jump into our poll and let us know which tablet maker’s products has piqued your interest.

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