US-based news junkies can once again access reports produced by Quatar-based Al Jazeera English online after the network stopped blocking access to its YouTube videos from within the US Tuesday. Al Jazeera started to lock out U.S. viewers from its online videos when it launched its new cable channel Al Jazeera America back in August due to contractual obligations. Its contracts with cable operators also forced the network to block its live stream in the US, which remained inaccessible Tuesday. It’s unclear what exactly changed with regards to its YouTube videos, but Al Jazeera English staff celebrated the move online:

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  1. Bummed. Videos are still blocked on the Al Jazeera English iPhone app.

    1. True but at least we can now view it on Youtube.

  2. STILL locked!!! ARRGH!!! Did they re-block it??

  3. Correction, news reports work, but its the documentaries I’m interested in. Any news on when these will be unblocked??

  4. only way to see their docus for now is using a non-USA proxy connection. search for sites that list new proxies, then use a ‘manual proxy configuration’ to type in that foreign IP address & the port #. then refresh YT page.

    1. I was afraid of that. Last time I tried this it hardly worked, but I guess I will try again.

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