You can open your eyes again: Tweets about Breaking Bad are now automatically filtered out, thanks to Spoilerfoiler.com.


Are you one of those people who are afraid to check Twitter Monday morning because everyone is talking about Breaking Bad, but you haven’t watched Sunday night’s episode yet? Netflix to the rescue: The video service just launched a new website called Spoilerfoiler.com that lets you read your own Twitter feed, without any Breaking Bad spoilers.

Tweets with potential spoilers are simply blacked out, with the option to read them if you dare:

spoilerfoiler screenshot

It’s worth pointing out that not everything blacked out by Spoilerfoiler is an actual spoiler. In the tweets above, Brian Stelter was simply commenting on Breaking Bad’s Emmy, while Mike Isaac was, well, being Mike Isaac. Also, some blacked-out tweets in my own timeline referred to other TV shows or even news events, even though Spoilerfoiler squarely targets Breaking Bad.

Spoilerfoiler was launched to promote Netflix’s British offshoot, but can be used by anyone, regardless of their location. In the U.K., Netflix shows episodes of Breaking Bad hours after they air on U.S. television, which is a bit of a departure from Netflix’s traditional licensing and scheduling model.

In the U.S., Netflix generally gets shows like Breaking Bad out of season, adding an entire season at once to allow subscribers to binge watch. Season 5 of Breaking Bad, for example, arrived on Netflix a week before season 6 premiered on AMC.

  1. I think you meant season 5 instead of 6, since season 5 is just about to end. And no season 6 will arrive.

  2. How well does this work? Like does it also look for character names, places etc? Like “Hank”, “Walt”, “Jesse” or just specifically “Breaking Bad”?

  3. For other TV Shows a way avoid Twitter spoilers is http://streamclock.com.

    It delays TV Tweets by 2/3 hours so those out West can share the shocks as if they were watching it as it went live out East.

  4. I hope the US Netflix starts adding new episodes of shows quickly like the uk version.


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