As expected, the Asus PadFone Infinity got a refresh with a faster chip on Tuesday. The phone docks into a tablet shell and the transformation is pretty quick: Look at this video where the gallery on the phone appears on the tablet upon docking.

padfone infinity 2013

We knew last week that Asus was planning a refresh of its PadFone Infinity and now it’s official. The package consists of a powerful 5-inch Android 4.2.2 smartphone that slides into a 10.1-inch tablet display; both of which are full HD resolution. This a truly modular approach as the tablet display has no processor of its own. Instead, the phone powers the tablet, while at the same time getting a re-charge from the tablet’s internal battery.

Engadget already got some hands-on time with the device to show the updates, the main one being a processor boost to a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 chip. Take a look at this video to see how quickly an app on the docked phone appears on the tablet. (Jump to the 4:27 mark to specifically see that)

The modular implementation looks well done and brings a number of benefits. You don’t have to sync data between your phone and tablet since everything is stored in one place, for example. You’re also getting a cost benefit since you don’t have to buy two unique devices that both have similar internals. And your phone can run longer on a charge without being plugged in: Just dock it to the tablet to get more juice.

Engadget says the PadFone Infinity handset will cost around $640 off-contract while the tablet display shell adds another $240 to the package. Those prices are converted so it’s possible the actual prices will vary by country.

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  1. Do we know if this will be coming to the US?

    And if yes, will it be compatible with Verizon ?

    Looking forward to seeing your review!

    1. It will probably be a GSM/Sim phone like all of the asus products. but we need it in the US ASAP. I would put my money in TODAY!

  2. This is a better implementation than the Motorola Atrix….but beware as it might just fail for the same set of reasons and folks will be left with useless hardware.

    1. Not sure I follow. The Atrix failed partly because it was a sluggish experience that used a custom (and unfamiliar) version of Linux on the LapDock. This uses a modern version of Android and has plenty of horsepower.

  3. Hi, any word if this phone will still be compatible with the old padfone infinity station?

  4. Yes new padfone infinity 2 is compatible with older station. The station has not been updated.

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