Straight Talk adds AT&T LTE support for $45 monthly plan


Straight Talk has added support for AT&T’s LTE network and now sells a compatible SIM card for $6.99 on its site. PrePaid Phone News spotted the change; up until now, Straight Talk’s service only included HSPA+ network speeds. The company, which buys network access at wholesale pricing and then resells it, charges $45 per month for what it calls “unlimited” voice, texts and data.

Straight Talk LTE

This development is a big change from when I highlighted Straight Talk last March. Back then, I explained how the service could let you dump AT&T and T-Mobile for a cheaper month-to-month service plan. But the service was limited to a slower HSPA+ network. And although service is advertised as unlimited, some customers have said their service speeds were slowed after 2 to 2.5 GB of monthly data.

Still, for certain people, the addition of LTE makes a good deal even better. You’ll need to supply your own phone with support for AT&T’s LTE network — most recent iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones and BlackBerry devices do. And you’ll want to watch your monthly mobile broadband usage. Do that with the right phone and the no-contract $45 per month deal can save you a bundle while also providing speedy LTE service.

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