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Aiming to scale out, Extreme Networks said it will extend its network operating system to Enterasys products and support both sets of hardware going forward.

In a bid to gird for battle with bigger networking rivals Extreme Networks is buying Enterasys for $180 million.

The acquisition is all about gaining critical mass: In a statement, Extreme Networks said the companies’ revenue will be about double that of either company alone. Extreme logged about $322 million in revenue for its last fiscal year.

Enterasys, based in Salem, N.H., which spun off from Cabletron in 2001, makes the building blocks of networks — routers, switches,  wifi access points and  management software.

That’s a tough market with huge competitors, including Cisco. The game plan, according to San Jose-based Extreme is to extend its ExtremeXOS  network operating system to add features from Enterasys network operating systems and  “fully support both hardware platforms.”

  1. Extreme networks acquires it for a huge cost. They seemt o be having some good prospects with the company in future.


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