Circa, the mobile app that breaks the news down into bite-sized pieces, has added a new feature to the web version of its content that allows readers to click and “follow” a story the same way they can with the app — although editor-in-chief Anthony De Rosa noted that doing this only alerts you to an update if you also have the app. A fully web-native version of the alert system is coming soon, De Rosa said, and so is an Android version of the app.

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  1. This sets up a nice flow where you can follow a link to a Circa thread via a social network to the desktop web view of that thread (because most social networks fail to redirect to the circa app), login and subscribe to future update, then get all future circa updates on your phone.

    via Noah Mittman (https://twitter.com/noahmittman/status/378256256051716096)

    1. Hi Ian, let me know when you come across an instance where you’re not prompted to open a link in our app. I’d love to try and troubleshoot that. – Anthony De Rosa

  2. Nikhil @ MobileJury.com Friday, September 13, 2013

    Expanding is better. If they stay without expansion there are chances of buying out their company

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