When it comes to flash memory, everyone’s buying and everyone’s for sale, apparently. Cisco says it will integrate Whiptail flash memory into its UCS servers.

Take an afternoon off and see what happens. On Tuesday,  Cisco announced plans to buy Whiptail, a maker of flash memory systems, for about $415 million. The two companies were already strategic partners so that, plus the fact that everyone is buying into flash, means the deal makes sense. Cisco said it’s integrating Whiptail’s flash memory directly into its Unified Computing System (UCS) servers.

The news came a day after Western Digital announced plans to buy Virident, a server-side flash vendor  for $685 million and make it part of its HGST subsidiary. When it comes to super-fast flash storage and memory, everyone’s getting in on the act. IBM bought Texas Memory  last year; EMC snapped up ScaleIO and ExtremIO; Violin Memory filed for an IPO a few weeks back and Pure Storage signaled its plans to do the same when it announced a massive $150 million funding round last week.

Everyone wants fast flash storage and memory. While the cost of flash storage has fallen, it’s still no bargain compared to more traditional disk drives. And that leads to an opportunity for hybrid storage players like Nimbus Data, Nimble Storage, Tegile Systems and others.

  1. Hope you meant “..an opportunity for hybrid storage players like Nimble Storage..”.
    Nimbus Data is not a hybrid storage system.

    1. Yes. I meant to say Nimble, not Nimbus. Story has been corrected. Thanks.

  2. Cisco is buying a good company. All the best for them.


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