Apple quietly discontinued its Cards app for iOS on Tuesday, but you can still use iPhoto to send customized cards in the mail.

Cards app
photo: Apple

If you’ve been trying to use Apple’s Cards app within the last day or so, you’ve probably already seen the message, “The Cards service is no longer available.”  In addition to announcing the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c on Tuesday, Apple quietly killed off it Cards service.

A visit to Apple’s support site confirms this. Any cards that were ordered before 1PM PT on September 10 will be delivered, and you can still use the app to view previous purchases by tapping on Saved Cards. But you can no longer use it to create and send actual greeting cards in the mail.

Instead, Apple reminds you that you can still use iPhoto on your Mac to order customized letterpress cards, though they are shipped through carriers like FedEx as opposed to the United States Post Office. Or you can always, you know, write a real card and stick it in the mailbox.

  1. These are innovative but useful application.

  2. This is sad news for IOS users…..If you are an Apple Cards user you can try our card sending system out for free at SendCards.com…first card is on us and includes postage…Send a nice card to your Mom on us…you don’t need a reason!

  3. Really sad. This was an easy to use App that generated high quality cards. A favorite app dies…


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