From a new chip to a new camera and even a fingerprint scanner, we discuss everything you need to know about the new iPhones.

iPhone 5S 3 colors
photo: Apple

After an eternity (in tech years), Apple finally revealed its new iPhone lineup. While there weren’t many surprises, there was a ton of news about the new iPhone 5c and the 5s. We break it all down for you in this special edition of The GigaOM Show.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Alex Colon, Kevin Tofel, Om Malik

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  1. Nikhil @ MobileJury.com Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    I am not excited about this phone. I am more excited about Galaxy Note 3.

  2. I will be buying the 5s, mainly for the finger print sensor and its new 64bit proc.

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