Don’t have a touchscreen computer? You’re not necessarily stuck using a mouse, touchpad or keyboard to browse the web. Add a Leap Motion controller and a Chrome extension to browse the web with air gestures on any computer.

photo: Leap Motion

Don’t have a touchscreen on your PC, Mac or Chromebook? No problem. You can still add a Leap Motion gesture device to your Chrome browsing experience. You’ll just need to install this Chrome extension and you’re good to go: Pinch, zoom and scroll around the web without touching a screen, keyboard or mouse.

The extension is called Leap Touch and we discussed it on our weekly GigaOM Chrome Show podcast. The full show is embedded below in case you missed it, or you can download it directly.

Besides this handy trick for the Leap Motion, we covered news of Chrome packaged app support in the Mac menu bar, how to get Silverlight working in Chrome, and expansion of Best Buy’s Google Chrome Store Specialist program.

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