Planning to buy a Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Gear? Watch this video first

Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

Now that Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch, some carriers are announcing details on pricing and availability. Neither of these devices are what I’d call inexpensive and at launch, the Note 3 is the only phone that will work with Samsung’s smartwatch. So before dropping some big bucks on these, this 18-minute video is probably worth your time: It shows off most of the main features of both devices:


Clearly, any video from Samsung showing off its phone and smartwatch will put both in the best possible light. Case in point: It touts (twice!) how you can place a call from your watch without touching the screen, but you can see that you have to press a button on the side of the Galaxy Gear to initiate the S-Voice feature to make this happen.

Still, both the phone and watch are filled with features and a lengthy demo video is a good way to see exactly what you’re getting. Or what you’re not, depending on your point of view; It’s not real leather you get on the back of that phone, for example. The demo also highlights something I pointed out earlier this week: The Galaxy Note 3 may be a nice piece of hardware, but the S-Pen and its pen-specific software may be the star of this show.

Galaxy Note 3 pen

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