Yahoo wasn’t innovating with the old logo. And it isn’t innovating with the new logo, announced today. I  am pretty ambivalent about the logo. What do you guys think?

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  1. I think the logo is inadvertently appealing simplicity as well as intending to talk a lot more. A bigger ‘Y’ is making it less mature..i think.

  2. Meh. No better, no worse.

  3. Yahoo needs a lot more than a new logo.

  4. It’s fine. Won’t affect my impression of the brand either way.

    What does affect my impression of the brand is 30 days of screwing around with different logo variants.

    Want respect? Choose a logo yourself, to show who you are and what you stand for. Don’t waste my time with your endless deliberations, and don’t suggest that you’re putting way too much focus on appearances at the expense of cleaning up aging services. Just freaking do something.

    1. Well said Paul. I couldn’t agree with you more!

      1. Or maybe you could.

  5. It’s “in the box” – both versions.

  6. I don’t see much of the difference with both logos. It only reflects that Yahoo does not want to change things in big way. They will stick to what is in their core and will try to project it in a new light. Bad choice in my opinion.

    In a new logo, you expect the innovative approach. The change should be visible but it does nothing like this.

  7. Very odd type choice. I feel its actually lost some presence with this – it’s too anemic.__They would have done better using a more chunky variety to be more playful, but still modern.

  8. Yuck! It hurts my eyes! That typography is fodder for designers … Why yawho why?

  9. Om,

    Yahoo missed a golden opportunity with the Snowden crucible. Case in point, they could have whaled on Gmail and Hotmail/Live by figuring out an innovative way for help the masses encrypt their Yahoo mail contents. For example, imagine if they came up with a way to help people obtain an S/MIME certificate and install it on their favorite device (a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet etc.). The world needs a “plug and play” approach to email encryption (yes, its true that mail headers aka email metadata is not encrypted so the spooks can see some information, but if the contents – the meat – of email is encrypted en masse, that would be a huge step forward). But noooooo … Marissa Mayer (who is very intelligent and has the computer science chops) is too busy catering to Wall St’s short term quarter to quarter measuring stick rather than looking for opportunities like the Snowden crucible and then turning on a dime.

    1. Your comment is on the mark Eddie. As a Marissa admirer this is what hurts(?) me.
      If only she could step out of her CEO role and think like a true Googler( take a bird’s eye view of this Yahoo mess and apply some plain ol’ Google problem solving) things would change much faster.

  10. Sorry, but I just don’t think it matters any more. I greatly admire Marissa Mayer, but I fear here talents are wasted at Yahoo! As for the logo itself, it isn’t good or bad, just no reaction at all really.

    1. “… her talents…” Doh!

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