Looking to watch some good TV shows on Netflix? Then take a peek at this list.

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This is cool: IMDB user Pacey7 has been maintaining a list of pretty much every TV show available on Netflix. And since it’s available on IMDB.com, it’s easy to sort that list by IMDB rankings. The result? A list of the best TV shows on Netflix (hat tip to Evan Primakow).

The ten best TV shows on Netflix, according to IMDB.

The ten best TV shows on Netflix, according to IMDB.

Of course, the list can also be sorted by other useful criteria, including the U.S. release date, which helps to find more recent series that already have a home on Netflix.

There are a few caveats: The list expressively includes “no reality shows, kids shows, or miniseries,” and IMDB entries unfortunately don’t link to Netflix, so you’ll still have to do some manual searching once you head over to the streaming service. But it’s still a great starting point to explore some of Netflix’s serialized content.

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