On this week’s podcast, we celebrate Chrome’s 5th birthday with several recommended Packaged Apps and an extension that lets you browse the web through gestures with the Leap Motion.

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We wish Chrome a happy 5th birthday on this episode of the weekly podcast and discuss how far the browser has come in such a short time. The spotlight this week is on packaged apps; two are on our recommended list. And Best Buy is getting Google Sales Specialists, one of which Kevin already met and didn’t even realize it. Plus, if you nabbed a Leap Motion device, you can use it to browse Chrome with gestures using a custom extension

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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Today’s show is brought to you by Mobile Day

Happy Birthday Chrome! My how far you’ve come in 5 years.

Chrome packaged apps are now supported in the Mac menu bar.

Kevin found his next job: Google Sales Specialists are coming to Best Buy.

TIP: Need Silverlight on your Chromebook? Try Pipelight.

Got a Leap Motion gesture controller? There’s an extension for that!

App of the week: Murder Files. (Hat tip to Mark Dodsworth)

Bonus App: My Story Editor

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