Barnes & Noble dropped the prices on Nook tablets in the U.K. for the second time this summer, suggesting it’s trying to clear out stock. The company said in June that it would stop manufacturing tablets, before switching course in August.

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photo: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has already dropped the prices on Nook tablets in the U.K. once this summer. Now it’s doing so again: it’s doing so across the Atlantic as well. The company announced Wednesday that the 7-inch Nook HD tablet will now start at £79 (USD $123) and the 9-inch Nook HD+ will start at £129 (USD $201).

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This price drop comes just two months after a sale that cut the prices on those devices to £99 and £149, respectively. They had started out the summer at £129 and £179.

Barnes & Noble said the pricing will continue “while stocks last.” Barnes & Noble’s Nook division has suffered huge losses, and the company said earlier this summer that it would stop manufacturing tablets in-house, before switching course and declaring that it would continue to design and develop them. Sales like this one, however, suggest that the company is trying to clear out inventory.

  1. I just had this instant thotflash ..Dollar Store – Dollar General ..Nooks $1
    You know its coming

    1. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER Saturday, September 7, 2013

      They are not even worth $1.00……What do you do with a defective Nook? I’ve only had it one year….used it for 6 months…..didn’t use it that much in the 6 months I did use it……It’s worthless….

  2. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER Saturday, September 7, 2013


  3. How can you say it’s worthless, the Nook HD and HD+ are very good entry level tablets. Both the HD and HD+ are being sold for $109 HD and $129 HD+ respectively. This is a great Android tablet, although there is no camera, you can still chat using the on board mic with Skype. The Nook 7″ HD, has the best display of any mini tablet. Watching movies and youtube is a wonderful experience. The tablets are light and perfect for ereading. They even come with micro SD card slot for external storage. Why would anyone pay over $200 for a non productivity tablet is beyond me. The Nook HD and HD+ are very good Android tablets.


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