Bummed by the $199 with contract price for a Moto X? How does a $200 full-priced Motorola DVX sound? This appears to be the rumored, low-cost Android handset with switchable backplates built by Motorola.

Moto X colors

Consumers hoping the Moto X would be a low-cost unsubsidized phone were likely disappointed by the $199 on contract cost. There could be a plan B, however: A Reddit user by the name of danrant notes that the FCC recently certified the Motorola DVX. The handset lines up with earlier reports of a low-cost Motorola handset with colored back cases that can be swapped, perhaps costing $200 to $300 without a contract.

Motorola DVX shell

How could Motorola create a Moto X lookalike for less? Opting to pass on some features is a start, and according to the FCC report, the phone has no LTE radio. In addition, the handset can only take advantage of 21 Mbps HSPA+ networks, even though 42 Mbps service is available in some areas.

The Motorola DVX name is already appearing overseas with unofficial pre-order pricing for an 8 GB model at £114.41 (US $177.86) without value-added tax and a 16 GB version for £125.62 (US $195.28) without VAT. Until Motorola makes an announcement, this is all educated guessing, but I can’t see why the FCC would test such a device unless Motorola hoped to make it available in the U.S.

  1. If its around the same performance as my N4 then I’m getting one.

  2. Does it have a replaceable battery and micro-SD card slot?

    The glued-in, non-replaceable battery is the fatal flaw of the Moto X. Nobody who plans to keep their phone for more than 1.5 years should consider such a device. I hope they didn’t make the same mistake with the DVX.

    The SD card slot is less critical, but still pretty important, especially on a device with only 8 GB internal storage.


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