Three days before the official launch, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch has broken cover. This looks like a big and clunky version of the smaller MotoACTV watch from nearly two years ago. A flexible display would certainly help; maybe next time?

Samsung Smartwatch UI
photo: VentureBeat

With three days to go before Samsung officially unveils its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, pictures of a reported prototype appeared on Sunday. VentureBeat has several images of what may be an early rendition of the smartwatch, which will reportedly be focused on health tracking, Android apps through Samsung’s store and a Bluetooth connection to your phone.


The watch is also expected to support voice commands through S-Voice and snap pictures through a camera. The images of the Galaxy Gear generally line up with our prior reports of an 2.5-inch display with 3.5-inch overall casing: Some of the front face is clearly a top and bottom bezel. You can also see a bump out on the watchband for the camera.

Based on what looks like a clunky big wearable device, I can understand earlier reports of Samsung working on — or at least patenting — a flexible display. My square MotoACTV smartwatch is 1.6-inches diagonally, so it’s much smaller than what Samsung appears to be shooting for. And the Motorola watch is about as big as my wrist can take, so I don’t foresee wearing something bigger. In fact, it’s a health tracker too; has Samsung just reinvented the MotoACTV and added S-Voice?

  1. It’s too big for a watch and with its rectangular shape is not wearable at all. Square MotoACTV smartwatch seems perfect!

  2. SVoice or OK GoogleNow just isn’t enough. You’re right Kevin, wearable devices that aspire to be more than MotActv must be contextual otherwise, eh.

  3. Doesn’t work for me :-)

  4. What are the 3 must have features/characteristics of your next watch (smart watch ?)

    for me:
    hybrid: mechanical (automatic movement) + digital display
    sensors built-in: health and activity
    and … a good camera

    and you ?


  5. It looks very smart. Really interesting to get MotoACTV and S-Voice together inside such an small device.


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