Silicon Valley has its fair share of convoluted romantic interludes, as you might expect in any industry filled with young, rich and ambitious people. But this one, involving several high-profile Googlers, is remarkable.


So, here’s a type of tale you don’t often encounter in tech reporting.

Google’s Hugo Barra, vice president of product management for the company’s Android division and one of its most consistent public speakers at events like Google I/O, has left Google to join Xiaomi, a China-based handset maker. That in and of itself wouldn’t be all that remarkable, except for the fact that Barra was recently dating a Google employee who is now involved in a romantic relationship with the second-highest profile Googler: co-founder Sergey Brin.

That relationship has apparently caused Brin and his wife, Anne Wojcicki (who, just to make this more interesting, is the sister of longtime Google executive Susan Wojcicki, senior VP of product management and one-time owner of the garage in which Google got its start) to separate, according to AllThingsD. If they divorce, Brin will remain fully in control of Google alongside co-founder and CEO Larry Page thanks to a prescient prenuptial agreement.

And apparently none of these things are related, according to AllThingsD’s sources. Everybody got that?

  1. Oh, google how you try to hide things. God the tech world even has it flings huh. Oh well thanks for posting.I chortled at this.

  2. Sweet MountainView High?

    1. lol ‘member when girls read that series.

  3. Since when Gigaom is reporting gossip? It’s nice but odd at the same time – seems like a movie could come out of this.

    1. Well, Barra leaving Google isn’t gossip: he confirmed it. And to note the news (and it is news) that he’s leaving without including the rest of the situation, as reported by people we trust, would be weird.


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