Galaxy Note 2 and 3 screens side-by-side: A larger display in nearly the same space

Galaxy Note 3 bezel

Leaked images of the Galaxy Note 3 screen suggest what we’ve been hearing all along: The Note 3 will have a larger display compared to its predecessor but the device won’t increase much in overall size. SamMobile found the pair of screens posing for a mugshot at Ringer’s Blue Men, a Japanese blog:

galaxy note 2 and 3

What’s the secret sauce for cramming a larger display into a device without affecting the overall size? It’s all in the bezel and the Galaxy Note 3 is reported to come with just a 2.2-millimeter bezel. That will allow a small increase in the expected 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 display size as compared to the 5.5-inch screen found on the Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy Note 3 bezel leak

This won’t be the first time Samsung has engineered a larger screen in a device that doesn’t grow in size. The company boosted the Galaxy S 4 display dimensions without a major change in size compared to the Galaxy S 3. And others are jumping on the trend where more can still be less: Motorola’s Moto X uses a 4.7-inch display but is physically smaller than other phones with a similar screen thanks to thinner bezels.

Assuming the image is legit — and my gut says it is — there’s little surprise left for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 event planned for September 4!

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