As CBS remains blacked out on Time Warner Cable in several major markets, TWC announced Friday that it’s giving away basic antennas and Best Buy credit to affected customers.

As CBS and Time Warner Cable’s dispute stretches on and CBS remains blocked in several large cities, TWC told customers Friday that it will give away basic antennas in affected markets and will also offer $20 in Best Buy credit toward the purchase of an antenna.

“We are trying to strike a balance between our desire to restore the channels as soon as possible and our responsibility to all of our customers to hold down the rising cost of TV,” TWC said in an email to customers, according to Variety.

TWC outlined the program on its website:

“Time Warner Cable has a limited quantity of basic indoor antennas available to pick up, for free, for customers at our TWC retail locations in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles/Desert Cities, New York City, plus Milwaukee and Green Bay in Wisconsin.

In addition, we have partnered with Best Buy in those cities to provide $20 toward the purchase of any in-stock broadcast antenna at select Best Buy store locations.”

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  1. I haven’t been following this story. Is this just over the broadcast channels, or also over some CBS owned cable channels (assuming there are such things)?

    If the former, CBS should be paying the cable company to include them because that would help support the outdated network affiliate system which still pays them good money, I assume.

  2. Thats really useful to the people who get them from TWC because theres no way they could get signal without a super high antenna, if even then. not.

  3. Will Time Warner cable give away DTV converter boxes or coupons for converter boxes for those still using analog only TV’s?

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