Have you ever wished for an audio replay of your conversations — like maybe after getting directions or to prove a point in an argument (I swear I said turn right)? Kapture may be the wearable for you.


Much like Google can settle a bar argument with the tap of a finger, a device launching on Kickstarter might stop fights over miscommunications — well, if the fight is over something said within the last-minute. The Kapture bracelet launches next week on Kickstarter, and constantly records audio. With a tap of the finger on the device you can retrieve the last 60 seconds of sounds around you.

That might be your child’s first word or a convenient playback of your friend saying they’d get the fifth round of drinks. It’s a nifty idea even if I think it will take some user training to get used to tapping the device pretty much immediately after you hear something interesting. The Kickstarter price for the bracelet will be $99 for black or white, with a $26 premium for color. There’s apparently going to be a gold-plated version for $300 for your inner oligarch.

Kapture hopes to raise $150,000 in Kickstarter funding, and plans to launch the final product to the public in March 2014. Kapture is a product developed at Cintrifuse, a Cincinnati, Ohio co-working space. The Kapture team has already closed on $300,000 in seed funding, in a round led by CincyTech. Maybe I’ll have to push my fitness band out of the way to make room for something new.

  1. My wife says she only wants one if it can be encrusted with diamonds.

    However since I agreed with her statement, perhaps we do not need this device?

    1. Integrate a microphone into the Pebble, or go with the newer generation Smartwatches, and this life-changing device becomes…an app.

      No thanks.

  2. There’s an app for the iPhone, HEARD, that already does that up to 5 minutes for just a couple bucks with a free version for 30 seconds of recording.

  3. if it walks like and ap, talks like and ap and does what common aps do. Its an ap

    1. The value here is not having to take out your phone — it’s always on. Of course, you have to remember to wear the bracelet.

      1. sasha blumenfeld Thursday, August 29, 2013

        Yes, I agree with KP a way better way to get this is to download Heard App. It is just like this, but works on your phone. As long as you have your phone in your pocket (which most of us do – or hand for that matter) it works quite well!

        Plus it has a free version of 30 seconds and for just a couple dollars you can get the premium of 5 minutes. Totally worth it – instead of paying a high price tag for a bracelet you have to remember to wear, most of us always have our phones with us.

  4. Illegal in Maryland and most other communist states.

    1. how is maryland a communist state? because they wont let you record people whenever you want?


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