Apple’s latest update to the Find My iPhone app will only work for developers running the iOS 7 beta. Everyone else will be blocked out until Apple fixes the issue.


I just saw a report on TechCrunch that claims the new Find My iPhone app update is blocking anyone that isn’t a developer running the iOS 7 beta from using it. Now I’m not a developer. And I’m not running iOS 7. But curiosity got the best of me.

And now I can’t use my app.

Here's the app before I installed the update.

Here’s the app before I installed the update.

It seems that Apple jumped the gun on pushing out this update, since the vast majority of iPhone users are neither developers nor running a beta version of Apple’s upcoming mobile OS. Right now, the page for Find My iPhone in the App Store says that it requires iOS 5.0 or later. But unless you want to get locked out of your app too, you probably shouldn’t believe this.

On the other hand, if you are a registered developer and you have iOS 7.0 installed on your device, download away, and get a peek at whatever changes Apple has made to the app. So far I’ve only noticed a new icon, but then again, I can’t get past the log-in screen. Still, the app does not appear to use Apple’s new iOS 7 font, and the background border still has a very Game Center-look to it.

And here's the app after I installed the update.

And here’s the app after I installed the update.

I imagine Apple will put out another update to remedy this shortly. As for now, I’d better not lose any of my devices.

Apple claims the app should work with certain devices running iOS 5.0 and above, but if you aren't a developer running iOS 7, you shouldn't download it just yet.

Apple claims the app should work with certain devices running iOS 5.0 and above, but if you aren’t a developer running iOS 7, you shouldn’t download it just yet.

  1. Let me get this straight: You’re running a beta version of iOS on a device and you’re shocked something is not working?

    That’s funny.

  2. Sorry, please ignore my previous comment; seems like I haven’t fully understood what you were saying… that you were indeed NOT running iOS7.

  3. Not lost my ability to.find my iPhone. Separate me account…

  4. Crap. I just updated all my apps, and THEN saw this article.

  5. It still works for me. I’m using an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.

  6. Author, not true. The latest update works fine with my Apple devices.

  7. It’s been fixed, and it only affected the iOS app, not the Find My iPhone service.

  8. I updated to 2.0.3 on iPhone 5 and iPad mini
    This problem does not occur on either device. The app works as it is supposed to and I can locate either one using

  9. I have an iPhone 4 running 6.1.3, a 4S running 6.1.2 (Jailbroken) and an iPad 2 running 6.1.3. It runs fine on all of my devices. Apple must have fixed the glitch at their end.

  10. I’m running iOS 7 beta 6 on an iPhone 5 without a devoper account and it’s working fine for me


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