It only took two months since Google bought Waze to bring the social, crowdsourced driving data to Google Maps. A new version of Maps for iOS and Android gains driving information while Waze gets Street View and satellite imagery.

Waze incident

After buying Waze in June for a reported $1 billion, Google is integrating the app’s real-time driving information into Google Maps for both Android and iOS. Waze users can report driving incidents, traffic and more, effectively crowdsourcing the information with other Waze users.

In blog post Tuesday, Google pointed out the specific merging:

“[W]hen Wazers report accidents, construction, road closures and more on Waze, the updates will also appear on the Google Maps app for Android and iOS in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.”

This isn’t a one-way relationship between Google Maps and Waze, however. The Waze community will benefit from the addition of Google Search in the Waze app, helping to find local businesses and other points of interest. Waze also gains Google Street View and satellite images.

The move to integrate the two services shouldn’t surprise. When Google purchased Waze it said it would use the company to bring a more social aspect and additional real-time data to Google Maps. Until now, Maps would gather passive traffic data by monitoring the speed of people using its app; with the integration, Maps for iOS and Android will gain more direct information as well as a wider range of data.

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    1. Thanks for that Charlie! I thought I had linked to it, but I must have overlooked that. Just added the link to the post for clarity.

  1. The new version of Google Maps for Android is so bad I reverted to the prior version. This seems like yet another reason to revert to the old.

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