Nomads, death of used book stores, clothing factories in American South, Time Warner and CBS fight, music discovery (or not), making love like a movie star and fighting cancer are some of the stories on the weekend reading menu this week.

Weekend Plans

I have tried to find some interesting reads that are anchored in contemporary life and its trends. Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Om, always enjoy. Thanks so much for posting the Carl June piece. Really a compelling read.

    1. Hi John

      Thanks for the comment. Delighted to add value to your day. And will make sure I will try to do it next week.


      1. Sir please do this every week. Your selections are eclectic and help us sift through the web over the weekend, thank you,

  2. Thanks for the nomad shout out!

  3. Thanks Om, this column has become a weekly staple, hope you do this forever

    1. Thanks :-) I will try and do it as often as I can.

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