Earlier this week, the SonyAlphaRumors blog posted pictures of a compete Sony camera inside a traditional-looking camera lens. On Friday, the site followed up with images from the camera manuals and found that the lenses support tripods. The interesting idea behind the Sony QX10 and QX100 is to add a high-quality image sensor and optics to an existing smartphone, turning the handset into both a viewfinder and storage device. These snap-on products would allow smartphone owners to upgrade their camera without buying a new phone.

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  1. Is there one for an iPhone?

    1. Hi Luigi, this is Adam, from team ladibird, an Indiegogo project. We are a Singapore + Taipei university team working to make an iPhone only version with a 50mm prime lens.

      Please support us on Indiegogo at http://igg.me/at/ladibird

      You may also check our facebook page at http://facebook.com/theladibird

      We launched on 29th July 2013 and thus far, have pre-orders from 15 cities. The first delivery is expected on June, 30 2014. We are building for iPhone 5 models and beyond. Beta-testing will be conducted in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei most likely Q1 2014.

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