Looks like cord cutting isn’t exclusive to the U.S. anymore: The Hollywood Reporter is pointing us to a new study that shows declines for Canadian pay TV operators for three consecutive quarters, and quoting one of the study’s authors with the words: “Interestingly, the cord-cutting situation in Canada mirrors what is happening south of the border.”

Story posted at: hollywoodreporter.com

  1. Good, that’s exactly what Canada’s cable providers deserve. Even the pay movie channels are abysmal, running the same B movies that they flog to death month after month. Customers are being charged for content they bought and paid for and might even have bothered to watch months earlier. Call the cable provider and they shrug, claiming they don’t have any control over the pay channels. It’s not their problem – at least not until subscribers cancel their sham service. That makes it very much their problem. If you want reasonable content for your dollar, subscribe to online streaming services such as NetFlix.

  2. I cut the cord over a year ago – switched from DirecTV to Roku+Netflix and have saved over $1,000 so far. Don’t miss it at all, and it’s unlikely I’ll ever go back.

    Read my post at http://www.enwealthen.com/2013/08/the-great-tv-conspiracy-or-how-to-earn-80-a-month-forever/ if you’re interested in the details of my setup.


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