If you were wondering how and why videos go viral, Twitter has the answer for you — it doesn’t really know. “There are no rules to “virality” — while some ignite, and spread like wildfire across the web, the growth of others is much more measured, like ripples spreading across a lake,” the company wrote in a blog post Monday. Bottom line: after all these years, content popularity on the internet is like playing the lottery — hey, you never know!

Story posted at: blog.twitter.com

  1. @Yahoo they call these folks that start the ripples tastemakers. Tastemakers are people with lots of public influence and with large followings on social sites like twitter, facebook, etc…

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    All we know is we don’t know anything!

    Social is magical :)

  3. This is perhaps not so much of a mystery. The post does say there are at least two kinds of virality: those that ignite and spread like wildfire and those that ripple across cyberspace. If we’re looking for proximate cause however, the article says nothing, but that simply means Om has not done enough homework. Demystify! http://gigaom.com/2013/08/12/why-do-videos-go-viral-on-twitter/


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