A new report tips a 3450mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — the largest battery for a Samsung phone yet.

Samsung's Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 speculation just got bigger. Literally. According to a tipster at PhoneArena, Samsung’s forthcoming “phablet” will feature a 3450mAh battery – the largest cell Samsung has ever used in a phone.

To illustrate just how big this battery is, consider this: The 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega, currently Samsung’s largest phone, uses a 3200mAh battery. The original 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note used a 2500mAh battery, while its sequel, the Galaxy Note 2, uses a 3100mAh cell.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to feature a full-HD 5.7-inch display, up from the 5.5-inch 720p panel on the Galaxy Note 2. That means this phone will need all the juice it can get, making the rumors of such a large battery seem plausible. Of course, the larger size of the device also makes it easier to Samsung to put a larger battery inside of it.

Given their size, battery life hasn’t been a major complaint for the Galaxy Note family of phones, so clearly Samsung is doing something right by stuffing these oversized cells into its devices.

Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 3 in just under a month, at its Unpacked event in Berlin.

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  1. The note 2 isn’t a sequel to the note 3. Please proofread your articles.

    1. “The ORIGINAL 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note used a 2500mAh battery, while its SEQUEL, the Galaxy Note 2, uses a 3100mAh cell.” Please READ the article.

    2. The statement was that the Galaxy Note 2 was a sequel to the Galaxy Note. Re-read the article.

    3. He wrote, the note 2 used a 2500mAh battery, while its sequel, the note 2 used a 3100mAh battery, which is correct…

      YOU should learn how to read!

  2. blevinsdavidlester Monday, August 12, 2013

    Battery life is a problem with the ATT Note with the 4.1.2 “update”, a BIG PROBLEM.

    1. Let’s hope 4.3 and a bigger battery solve that.

  3. I was on the phone with a guy from T-Mobile last Friday who was himself a note 2 owner and Samsung enthusiast, He told me that according to the specs he had received, the note 3 was to have a battery that was OVER 6,000 MaH and would have a 72-DAY standby time. While I can’t speak to the accuracy of his statements, he was certainly in a position to have more of an inside scoop than the typical blogger.
    Other specs he claimed:
    -8 Core Processor
    -3.8 GB Ram (Yes I did say 3.8… not just 3)
    -16GB internal memory (4 the luv of God Samsung lets have a 64, even a 128!!!)
    -5.99″ Screen
    -6,000+ MaH Battery
    -13MP Camera /2.9MP front camera
    -Metal Bezel-No more plastic (Said to improve reception)
    Hope he’s right. Time will tell.

    -Daytona Beach FL

    1. 6000 mAh battery……. yeah, if he told you it would make your coffee in the morning too, would you believe him?

      1. re-read my comment skippy. I said… “I can’t speak to the accuracy of his comments…” and “Hope he’s right. Time will tell”. Does ANY of that seem to indicate that I swallowed what he said Hook, line and sinker? Why are you ppl so quick to jump on the backs of others.. daggers ready? If you have nothing constructive to bring to the discussion, why don’t you just keep you lil d!k-beaters off the keyboard until you grow up a bit?

        1. I wouldn’t have even posted what a carrier rep told you let alone a support rep. Carriers are the last to know squat at the level, it has been proven time and again.

          1. And we all know that EVERYTHING is total speculation at this point. There is NO spec out there on the rumor mill that is more than that. We all have to wait and see. No harm in talking about what we have heard tho man. Nobody’s taking anything to the bank here.

    2. Never going to happen! must be stupid to believe in what he told you.

      1. no need to be a douche bag thang, of course, if it is a natural state of being, I quess you can’t help it.

    3. I HIGHLY doubt it will use 6,000mAh or even anywhere near 5000mAh but a am hopeful lol. The Note 10.1 uses a 7,000mAh battery and that tablet is twice its size. The newer Nexus 7 has a 3,950mAh in comparison.

  4. P.S… He did also say that it would have a front facing speaker.

  5. Give it up mike nobody believes you.

  6. it was written correctly maybe you nuts need to slow your ready down since your misunderstanding words.

  7. I have THREE 4300MaH batteries , one 4250MaH, 3- 3800MaH’s and 3-3500MaH’s for my Note 2. Bought them all on ebay.

    If they can make a 4300MaH the same size as a factory 3100, why are you peeps all SOoooooo skeptical of the possibility of one over 6K?


  8. Well i am still not impressed with a miniscule size difference between the note 2 and the note 3. WTF. If you are going to make a larger phone why go .2 bigger. You really can’t even tell the difference. You could essentially place it inside the note 2 case. But I guess I will have to wait for a few weeks to see if That is how big it really is. If the Note 3 is in fact 5.7 inches, I am keeping my Note 2 and will wait for something else. But if that guy from t-mobile is correct. I will be all over it. Thanks for the post.

  9. Hey Mike I’m with ya. All these people have nothing better to do than to slam others. They are pretty comfortable slamming others while sitting behind a keyboard.

  10. You’re welcome stinky. I hope much of what he said is true. Honestly though, I think I’d rather have a 5.7 than a 5.99″ unless they could build it on the same size chasis as the Note2. I like the idea of a bigger screen, but not a bigger phone. Mine fits ok in my pocket, but any larger and it would be cumbersome.
    The guy at T-mobile DID say that the note 3 would be thinner and lighter than the 2. But the outter demensions of the Note 2 are big enough for me.
    If any of you truly want a phone BIGGER than the Note2, check out the Galaxy Mega sporting a 6.3″ screen. That’s just too large a device for me though. If I got to carry a purse to put it in, I’d rather stick to a sub-6″ screen. But I realize that this is subjective too.


    1. I would get the Galaxy Mega because I like the big screens. But the Galaxy Mega specs suck. The Note 2 has way better specs then the Galaxy Mega. The Note 3 specs just destroys the Galaxy Mega. Plus I like the SPen that the Note series has. Now if the Galaxy Mega had better or the same specs as the Note 3 and the Spen, then I would get it. But I think Samsung screwed up a great opportunity with the Galaxy Mega.

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