If you like a smartphone with a screen that takes up nearly the entire front face of the phone, LG’s G2 could be the one for you. LG is introducing the handset on Wednesday morning but leaked photos are showing it off now.

LG G2 top

LG is holding a press event later today and for those that can’t wait to see the phone, leaked images of the Android handset have cropped up online. Published on the @evleaks Twitter feed — a source that has time and again proved to be reliable — the large handset looks to be nearly all screen from the front, with minimal wasted space.

LG G2 leaked image angle back

The front design actually reminds me of a larger Moto X with very little bezel around the display. Also interesting is what appears to be a sliding cover for the camera lens; it’s rare to see a smartphone with any protection for the camera.

We’ll find out later on Wednesday what’s inside the LG G2 — we’ll be at the launch event — but LG has already spilled the beans on some aspects. The handset will be among the first to use a Snapdragon 800 chip from Qualcomm, the company’s fastest smartphone silicon yet. That will allow for advanced video capture up to 4,000 x 2,000 resolution, for example.

LG will also have a case accessory with a cutout window to show key information from the phone’s display when it’s actually asleep, much like Samsung’s S-View case. As far as that large display? It’s surely at least 5-inches diagonally in my opinion, perhaps even as large as 5.5-inches.

LG G2 QuickWindow case

  1. I bet it is not a sliding cover for the camera lens, but another type input, move up and down menu items.

  2. Ossom, now LG is going to give competition in the market..

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