We keep hearing that the U.S. National Security Agency’s propensity for data collection will hurt American cloud companies. Now, one researcher has put a figure on those losses — $22 billion to $35 billion over the next three years. That’s according to The Informational Technology & Innovation Foundation.

ITIF describes itself as a non-partisan think tank dedicated to promoting policies that advance the use of technology around the world. Honorary board members of the Washington D.C.-based group include California representatives Anita Eshoo and Darrell Issa and U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch and Mark Warner.

Story posted at: itif.org

  1. This needs to be amended to calculate the cloud users that are never coming back after Herr Obama and his crew get their way!

    NSA translates for smart people to:

    No Storage Anywhere!

  2. I can just hope it will be A LOT MORE than that! Maybe that will wake up some – when it hurts their wallet. Human rights, political correctness and common sense just don’t cut it any more theses days …

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