Jeff Bezos has always thought three steps ahead. His purchase of The Washington Post shows he’s thinking about where Amazon will be and what it will need politically.


A lot has been written over the last 24 hours as pundits analyze and break down every possible facet of Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post. But the answer is simple, subtle and brilliant.

As Amazon continues to grow and disrupt existing marketplaces, Bezos now owns a publication that’s read in the Oval Office everyday.

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  1. Right on the money.

  2. Amazon business model is to drive competitions out of business with its zero margin practice. Its main risk is DOJ’s antitrust division. So Jefff Bezos needs to own Washington politicians to ensure its monopoly model succeed. What better way to achieve that goal by controlling WP? Brilliant!

  3. Buzz Bruggeman Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    I commented to friends yesterday that buying the WaPo was vastly cheaper, and much more reliable than hiring the folks on “K Street”. Great to see you see pretty much the same way.

    Jeff’s a very smart guy, has smart people working with and for him too. Contrary to what “JZ” has written, I cannot imagine any anti-trust risk should he seek to run the paper with “zero margin”. Remind me who has standing to complain? The NYT/WSJ?

    1. BB: Ebook trial is an example of antitrust risks!

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