Spotty connections, no more: Starbucks will finally get faster and more stable Wi-Fi in all of its company-owned stores, thanks to Google.

Starbucks Coffee
photo: Starbucks

Sometimes, the only way to get connected is via coffee shop Wi-Fi. And for many people across the U.S., the nearest Wi-Fi-enabled cafe is a Starbucks.

But Starbucks is notorious for its spotty internet connections. It’s always free, but the challenge of getting a connection while waiting for a Frappuccino means many people don’t even try, much less camp out the way that many customers do at indie establishments.

But that may be about to change, as Google announced that it would be boosting the Wi-Fi in all 7,000 company-operated Starbucks stores over the next 18 months. The search giant promises connection speeds up to 10 times faster than what they are now, and 100 times faster in Google Fiber cities across America. Starting in August, each free Wi-Fi connection will be available under the same name “Google Starbucks.”

This isn’t the first time Google has rolled out fast free Wi-Fi. The company has finally moved forward with plans to bring Wi-Fi to San Francisco parks, eight years after proposing the idea to the city. With an expanding portfolio of Google Fiber cities and plenty of municipal initiatives under its belt, Google’s strategic partnership with Starbucks will finally bring more internet to people across the country.


  1. Nicholas Paredes Wednesday, July 31, 2013

    Just yesterday, I was thinking about the crappy performance of the AT&T network at Starbuck’s wishing that they would get a new partner! Kudos to Bucks for valuing the customer experience!

  2. Germany! Germany!
    I hate it using my iPhone as a hotspot at Starbucks. Often only edge connection.


  3. Why is there no mention of Level(3) as they are actually going to be providing the network connections in the large majority of locations?

  4. I wonder if this is a Starbucks exclusive, or if other coffeeshops / fastfood restaurants could also apply for a Google-powered WiFi. Anyone know?

  5. It was truly a privilege and exciting for me to have worked on this project when at Google. I’m glad to see it has finally announced and look forward to hearing about all the great things from this new relationship.

    ~ Robert Brown


  6. Insane ads on any and all websites anyone?

  7. And more people to the internet so that more ads are served and they make more money


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