Amazon’s interview with President Obama is now available free in the Kindle Store.


Yesterday, when President Obama was giving a jobs speech at Amazon’s Chattanooga warehouse, Kindle Singles editor David Blum took the opportunity to interview him.


That interview is now published as a free Kindle Single and you can get it here. For readers who don’t have a Kindle e-reader, Amazon notes you can read the single on all its apps. One of our commenters suggested yesterday that they should also release it as a PDF.

The interview is pretty short — the equivalent of 15 print pages, Amazon’s site says, though I think it’s actually shorter — and focuses on policy and culture change, not (as I’d wondered) on, say, whether the Obamas are Amazon Prime members. One small excerpt:

“At the end of our interview, [Obama] read aloud an Amazon leadership principle painted on the wall behind him — ‘Vocally Self-Critical’ — and muttered: ‘Huh…I guess.'”

  1. Funniest post ever. Can you imagine anyone outside of someone that worked on his campaign actually downloading this. Neither can I.

  2. I see the value in this actually, but it isn’t for Obama … it’s for Amazon. And WOW: http://answerguy.com/2013/08/01/obama-influency-less-fit-for-reflection-than-a-fight/


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