Rise of internet-enabled cut-and-paste fashion, men’s insults from across the Atlantic, San Francisco’s busyness, Jim Rodgers, rise of predictive policing and smart cities — those are some of the topics on the menu this week. 

Weekend Plans

Summer means slowing down, though it seems the torrent of information isn’t slowing. Here are my picks for the weekend.

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  1. The article in the New Yorker is brilliant. How do good ideas spread.

    I must admit my cynicism about human society, the body politic, increases as rapidly as my optimism about the potential for a better life for all by adopting advances in science and technology.

    Ignorance and stupidity seem to be parallel traits that curse our species with a willingness to block progress as soon as the potential appears.

    ‘Splains why I’m a cynic and optimist at the same time. I see the tools at hand for human beings to improve their lives – just not in my lifetime. :-]

  2. Jonas Souza Sunday, July 28, 2013


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