There’s no need to wait until next week to get a new Nexus 7: Best Buy has them in stock and is making them available now. Starting at $229, this Android 4.3 tablet is a nice improvement over last year’s model.

Nexus 7 rear

Instead of waiting until July 30 for that new Nexus 7, you could get one a few days earlier. The Verge confirmed with one local Best Buy location that the tablets are in-stock and available now. I verified with my local Best Buy stores and all of their locations on Best Buy’s web site are showing as selling the slates now.

Those who ordered from Google Play will have to wait until early next week for their devices, which are priced at $229 and $269 for 16GB and 32 GB Wi-Fi models respectively.

Nexus 7 stock Best Buy

Is the tablet worth the money? Based on my early impressions of a review unit, it’s a great value at these prices, comes with the latest Android 4.3 software and has many improvements over last year’s model including a stellar, 1920 x 1200 resolution display.

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  1. Pah! Looks like we have to wait until September here in the UK! No fair. Oh well I guess the staggered release should help supply chain issues this time round.

  2. Disgruntled Apple User Friday, July 26, 2013

    I couldn’t be happier to hear the news. The iphones are over hyped and apple has no customer service. I had an andriod before and switched to the iphone. Worst mistake ever. The are pricy to purchase and even more costly to replace. I had my andriod for two years and never had a problem. Had my iphone for 4 months and mositure took out my phone, didn’t even get wet. The price, I am going back to andriod or trying the galaxy.

  3. best buy is last place you should buy

  4. Unfortunatelly BestBuy is misleading its customers. I just returned from a store that claimed to have the Nexus 7 available, but at they said it will actually arrive next week the earliest. It’s just disappointing

    1. Kevin C. Tofel Ádika Friday, July 26, 2013

      Its probably a case by case basis. I went to my local store and was able to play with one. I could have bought it if I wanted to. They even had a Google specialist to show off the device.

    2. Classic Best Buy lie

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